About Us

Association For Computing Machinery - Women

at California State University, Fullerton

ACMW photo collage

Our club was born in Fall 2015. Kathy Saad- the first President and Michael Shafae - the first advisor, were the founders of our club. Ever since it has continued to grow with more members joining and events becoming more successful.

Our purpose is to reach out to local communities with a focus on a younger female audience, and teach them the exciting world of computer science. We do this by teaching them fundamental concepts of computer programming by providing them with interactive experiences. Ozobots are a great device we use to teach young girls how to code. As they require minimal setup and give the conceptial ideas of how to program an object. We do reach out to older crowds with a higher level of thirst for knowledge. Raspberry Pi's are a great way to show them the possibilites as it is a very versatile piece of equipment. Through our interaction with students, projects were made, knowledge was gained, and friendships were formed.

We engage with our local community by hosting events and inviting interested members. The events are described below.

ACM-W Events